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Technology & Telecommunication

The Technology & Telecommunication industry is fastest growing in the world with India growing faster rate than world average growth rate, Driving and defining disruptive changes those are transforming the entire global economy.

Technology and telecommunications companies are at the heart of the digital economy—building the infrastructure and devices that connect people, businesses, and countries. Customers both business & residential drive economic value of 5G, Fibre, Network augmented reality & others. This industry shapes the future of other industries on everything. from digitalization to sustainability. 

The telecom industry while transforms the world, it too is being transformed by self-created disruptions major shifts in technology relentless pressures to both keep up and reduce costs.

Experienced partners with Know-How & Experience makes sustainable competitive difference.

Digital & Information Technologies

Digital Technologies & IT is core of the communication systems and evolution has created new ways of working from & touch everyone consumers, corporates, economies, countries & states, digital prowess of the countries would be directly impacting the nations geo-political power status and relationships.

Digital Services is contributing more than 55% Service Exports Revenue, with country with highest number of unicorns & reskilling of the Digital Workforce in India. 

Region is consistently strengthening its Digital Capabilities deploying latest and emerging technologies with focus on deploying technologies AI, Cloud, Data Ceneters, Analytics, Web Applications, Cyber Security & Virtual Technologies in all major infrastructure industry segments

A bridge between relevant alliances and global companies is a key to success.


Semiconductors is the key component & biggest challenges in the product development which forms a key component in all enabling technologies & telecommunication digital communication nodes or consumer products and IOT devices.

Semiconductor prowess is the new economic power in the world

Region values its important and players understand the critical role of supply chain management & its challenges. 

India is Right Place for the business and right partners would make the difference.


India is poised to become a new manufacturing centre for the world. The supply chain ecosystem – which took over 30 years in the manufacturing hub for India’s peer country – is likely to come up faster in India, especially as there are huge opportunities for the local electronics & Infrastructure Industry. 

An Early engagement here in India for any company would be of competitive advantage in its growth Journey. 

Utilities & Smart Cities

The electric power industry is the first industry to carry out intelligent construction. At present, many countries in the world have raised the construction of smart grid to the national strategic level. Major cities to be covered under Smart Cities initiatives in century.

India targeted 240 Million Electric smart meter to be installed in Pan – India by the year 2025.

Unimaginable Growth Potential. 


Defense, Home Land Security & Aerospace

We know disruption is word which affected each industry segment. Defence & Homeland security is most sensitive & of utmost importance for the nations, so its need to modernise its communication is imperative being strategic industry and redefine digital strategy.

Aerospace and defence stakeholders acknowledge this and anticipate more than a two-fold increase in the sale of new digital services over the next five years.

Unlimited Opportunities. 

Federal Government / State Government & PSU

India is transforming and modernising its diverse assets with all Central Government / State Government / Public Sector Units geared up planning their modernisation journey backed with appropriate Financial Budget Allocations

A well experienced and networked associate make the difference in growth of Business. 

Close up of the flag of India on silky fabric.
Train running through rapeseed field in spring. One red electric train, railroad with blue sky, yellow flowers and green field. Chavornay, Switzerland. Transport.


The railways is exploring digitalization/ Cloud Commute to optimise cost and enhance customer experience, increase efficiency in their day-to-day operations, and maintain network security and data integrity. 

Transport & Logistics and Warehousing

Connected World, Connected Devices Automotive, Telematics, Internet of Vehicles (IOV) & IOT gives opportunities for revenue streams impacting bottom line along with uniquely positioning the corporates thus opening new business opportunities with unique used cases in WIFI hotspots, User Based Automative Insurance by implementing OBD – On Board Diagnostics

Intelligent security & surveillance uses IoT technology, remote collection and control technology to complete data collection, storage, and O&M and to realize the visualization management of data and status of power supply, drainage, fire protection, elevator and other equipment in a community is complex solution to manage and offers high return on Investment

Need right supply chain Know-How to plan, design, Implement & maintain solutions. 

Back view of Red Container truck in ship port Logistics.Transpor

Ports & Water Transport

Ports & Water transport is ancient trade route and still 90% of the world trade is undertaken vide sea routes & port. AI, IOT, Applications, Inventory management seamless secured communication is utmost important.

Indian ports are modernising its Digital & Telecommunication assets thus opening new opportunities. 


Digital agriculture has needs for digital tools, advanced analytics capabilities in order to maximise the benefits of technologies in order to maximise the yields along with IOT for irrigation and Drone Technologies for remote surveillance. 

Region economy is agricultural based, We understand the need of technology and focus of region to modernise the Agriculture infrastructure.  



The Healthcare industry in India consists of hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment. The industry is growing at a tremendous pace owing to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well as private players.

The Telemedicine market is the maximum potential eHealth segment in India, which is expected to touch $5.4 Bn by 2025 

Over the next 10 years, National Digital Health Blueprint can unlock the incremental economic value of over $200 Bn for the healthcare industry in India. And Highest Insurance Scheme.

Segment offers unprecedented growth.


  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil & Natural Gas
  • Electric Energy
  • Natural Soruces

New technologies and energy sources, along with regulations, Is unpredictable. The rate of change is such that in 10 years’ time who we get our energy from, where we get it, and what forms it takes, may all be completely unrecognizable.

It offers unlimited business growth opportunities. 

university icon over open book


E – education and remote facilitation of education has direct impact on soci-economic conditions & rising the literacy rate of the country.

The E – education classroom & remote learning are need of the hours. 

Sports & Event Management

Use of technology  in athletic development  directly impact the performance of athletes, cut across sports technology tools & devices bring business opportunities.

And is also focus area for the Government in India. 


Circular Economy

Minimise the waste and maximum reuse of the sustainable use of resources, Reuse and Re- manufacturing other reusable electronic components contributes in sustainability .

Policies are under consideration for imports of  Reusable, refurbished equipment’s  of world leading standard manufacturers in order to reduce the total cost of ownership & optimum utilisation of supply chain Management.